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Greeneries are a great way to liven up the atmosphere. With some colours, the environment becomes lighter, adding life to an otherwise mundane place. Grass turfs have been proven popular among many. A well-manicured lawn is rather satisfying and leaves visitors with a good impression. With the advent of technology, artificial grass has been created. Due to its relatively maintenance-free nature, it can be used indoors without much fuss. Now, grass carpets in Singapore are becoming more popular as an indoor decoration. Therefore, we have compiled a list of places where they can be placed and their benefits.

Office Pantry/Lounge

Grass Carpet in Office Pantry

Working in an office is a norm for many. To some, the enclosed walls and constant deadlines can be a rather stress-inducing environment. The areas to relax in an office are normally the pantry or if the office is bigger, a lounge area. In these spaces, it can be beneficial to add some carpet grass. A green flooring is soothing to the eyes and lightens the atmosphere. Hence, it is perfect for a place specifically designed for a temporary escape from work. The benefits of having faux rather than real is also due to maintenance. Having real grass requires soil, water, scheduled trimming, and a constant stream of sunlight. Ultimately, the most realistic option for an indoor lawn would be an artificial grass carpet.

With a cooperative carpet supplier in Singapore, grass carpets can be tailored to suit any space using only artificial grass of the best quality.


Grass Carpet in Balconies

Balconies are a great way of experiencing a snippet of the outdoors. Picture sitting at the balcony in the morning while sipping a warm beverage, it certainly is one of life’s simple pleasures. Carpet grass can add to the experience. A little bit of green on the floor helps to break the monotony of the generally unicoloured flooring. Balconies are also exposed to the outdoor elements more than any other part of the house. However, with a good quality grass carpet, it can take a beating from unforgiving constant rain and shine. Carpeted grass is also softer, which provides a softer landing and is helpful for those with aching joints.

With a neat balcony, it can create a cozy and warm home. Carpet grass is a simple and effective addition that helps embrace a homely feel.

Children playpen

Grass Carpet Best for Children Playpen

Playing is an essential part of growing up. It lays the foundation for imagination, creativity and promotes a child’s cognitive and emotional capacity. To provide the best, play areas should not be taken lightly. There are multiple advantages to using grass carpets in play areas. Due to its soft nature, carpet grass is not as damaging to the skin and joints when children crawl on it, relative to cement or wooden flooring. It is also waterproof. When the rather inevitable and unpredictable spilling of liquids occurs, it is easy to clean up as the carpet does not absorb. The artificial turf is also much more durable compared to a normal carpet. Though curious hands may tug and pull, grass carpets can withstand them all.  

With a friendly and understanding carpet supplier in Singapore, needs can be met. Children are the future, and they certainly deserve the best to build sturdy cognitive, physical, and emotional foundations to forge a brilliant and illustrious future. 

Grass carpet is versatile, there are many areas where it can be installed. With lush green carpets, monotonous environments will be a thing of the past. To construct a cosy environment with a collaborative carpet supplier, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to accommodate your desires!