The Most Ideal Flooring Options For Marine Shipping

Ships are the backbone of the economy. They travel the world, carrying gleeful passengers or important goods. With the harsh environmental elements ships face, the constructs must be robust, water-resistant and slip-proof. With a durable flooring, priorities are set on the journey, for the best experience. Hence, flooring is a rather important consideration aboard a ship. With an understanding carpet supplier in Singapore, they can offer various flooring options based on differing needs.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring in Singapore

Vinyl flooring is composed of multiple layers of differing materials that have been compressed. It imitates natural flooring designs, like stones, ceramic tiles, wooden planks, etc. The properties of vinyl flooring are advantageous in various aspects. Firstly, vinyl flooring is easy to apply. With an adhesive backing, the vinyl flooring can be stuck on in a relatively short amount of time, reducing interruptions. 

Secondly, vinyl flooring is water-resistant. Due to the coating on the surface of vinyl floorings, it gives the top a waxy sheen which prolongs the lifespan of the material and gives it its water-resistant capabilities as well. The floor will not be affected by the relatively moist atmosphere of ships, unlike genuine wood which will likely mould and weaken. 

Thirdly, vinyl flooring is robust. Ships go through all kinds of weather. With durable and hardy flooring, vinyl can withstand the harsh conditions that ships endure. Less maintenance is needed to ensure the flooring is in tip-top shape. Its versatile nature allows it to be used in cruise ships to imitate natural flooring for a greener look, or in shipping vessels, for an easy and long lasting floor. 

With a cooperative vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore, flooring will be settled with the utmost assurance and of the highest quality. 

Broadloom Carpets

Broadloom Carpets flooring in Singapore

A loom is a tool that is used to weave fabric. Thus, the name broadloom carpet refers to carpets that are woven on looms that are wider than usual. Broadloom carpets are thick, tufted rugs that are woven into rolls and sold. There are a few benefits to using broadloom carpets. 

Similar to vinyl flooring, the rolls of broadloom carpets can be glued directly onto the floor. This reduces prep time like cementing tiles together or nailing wooden planks. Broadlooms also come in several colours and thicknesses. This provides room for creativity, making ships’ interiors unique, and potentially uplifting the people on board with colours throughout their voyage across the sea. 

Broadloom carpets’ thick, tufted nature readily traps noise which is great when used in sleeping quarters or rest areas, giving the passengers onboard a serene place to retreat to. Broadloom carpets also reduce the chance of slipping. As they are made using woven cloth, the surface is not smooth and slippery.  

Broadloom carpets have many characteristics that are ideal to be used in a ship. With a reputed carpet supplier in Singapore that carries this, it is easy to turn the ideals into realities.

Desso Carpet Tiles

Desso Carpet Tiles flooring in Singapore

Source: Desso-Marine

Desso marine carpets are nature inspired artificial tiles that are robust and hardy. It also complies with the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) Part 2 standards, which is certified for use on board any kind of passenger vessel, cargo carrier or offshore structure. The carpet tiles come in various designs so it is rather versatile in its placement. It works well in the lobbies of cruise ships, by adding life through colours, giving the guests a pleasant experience. It can also be used in the ship’s cabin, due to its resilient nature. Therefore sights can be set on prioritising a safe journey. With a capable carpet supplier in Singapore, it is easy to breathe life to the ship’s interior.

No doubt, ship floorings should not be overlooked. A good ship flooring provides extended durability and even brightens up the ambience. The benefits can go a long way. For a start, just  contact us and we will do our best to adhere to your needs!