The Benefits Of Various Flooring Options For Your Hotel

A hotel’s flooring can influence its ratings, improving the cosiness and aesthetics factor for a good first impression. In the hotel industry context, aesthetic features play an important role in fulfilling hotel guests’ needs and wants. Hence, choosing the right flooring option is not to be taken lightly. Different floorings have differing characteristics and benefits. Therefore, we have compiled a list of advantages, and the different aspects of the hotel it can be used in. Flooring options include vinyl flooring, broadloom carpets, and carpet tiles in Singapore.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Supplier in Singapore

Vinyl flooring is made by compressing several different materials in layers. It replicates the look of natural flooring options, like wooden planks, stone tessellations, cement tiles, etc. But, the properties of vinyl flooring differ from naturally occurring flooring options, resulting in certain advantages.

Firstly, vinyl flooring has an adhesive backing, which makes it effortless to apply. When the flooring is damaged, it can simply be peeled and applied back again, with minimal disruptions to service. Secondly, the design options are endless. Vinyl flooring comes in many colours and styles. The sky’s the limit and it all depends on how and where it is being used. Thirdly, vinyl flooring is soft in nature, possessing sound-insulating capabilities. With its compressed layers, vinyl flooring is softer on the feet than natural flooring. As a result, it absorbs sounds of footsteps, for a quieter, more peaceful environment. Moreover, vinyl flooring is waterproof and stain-resistant due to a waxy coating on its surface. Cleaning is made hassle-free and effortless, leaving no traces behind.  

Vinyl flooring is a robust flooring option with characteristics that make it feasible to be used in places like restaurants in the hotel or restrooms, where there is a higher chance of spilling, while still maintaining the convenience of cleaning. With an understanding vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore, this flooring will be of the highest quality for the ultimate guest satisfaction.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles Flooring Supplier in Singapore

Carpet tiles are square tiles cut from wall to wall rolls, which are pieced together to form the flooring. Carpet tiles come in many colours, which can be tessellated, customising different ambiances. Carpet tiles reduce wastage too, as they are smaller in size, so there is less cutting needed to fit into the various nooks and crannies. Carpet tiles are cheap and easy to replace too. As the tiles are small in size, it is cheaper compared to the other flooring options, and only one tile needs to be replaced rather than the whole flooring. Carpet tiles are also adhesive at the back, for quick and hassle-free application. 

All in all, carpet tiles are a convenient and cost-efficient way to inject colour and creativity into an environment. This makes it ideal for corridors, which tend to be more mundane. With the application of carpet tiles in a Singapore hotel, the hotel aesthetics is brought to life.  

Broadloom Carpets

Broadloom Carpets Flooring Supplier in Singapore

Broadloom carpets are thick rugs, tufted and woven on looms that are wider than average, which gives it its name. Broadloom carpets have a couple of characteristics that are rather beneficial for applications in hotels. To start, broadloom carpets are tufted fibres, which make the flooring soft and give it excellent sound insulating properties. This makes the hotel gentler and cozier to step on, and keeps it quiet for the guests too. Broadloom carpets are thick and durable as well. The flooring can withstand constant use, which reduces the need for flooring changes and maintenance. The broadloom carpets are sold in rolls and use adhesives to stick onto the ground. Drying time is eliminated and interruptions are kept to a minimum. Along with a diverse colour range, the hotel is made to look less monotonous.

Broadloom carpets’ characteristics are ideal to be used in hotel rooms. The colours spruce up the room’s mood, and their sound-insulating capabilities enable guests to have a good rest and retreat. With a reputed hospitality carpet and vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore that carries this, it is easy to find quality carpets to make the dream hotel a reality.

Flooring is paramount to creating a positive impression for hotel guests. Contact us so that we can provide the best products and services for a better flooring experience.