Customers served! 0  Kg of CO2 emissions saved.



  • Attended a conference in London by Carpet Recycling UK
  • Brought in Greener Needle punched Carpet to test it.
  • Plan to start MICE Carpet Recycling in Singapore.

2022 – Green Recovery

  • Completed ESG Course by Singapore Environmental Council
  • Restarted with the Greener Needle Punched Carpet 
  • Expoflor REWIND Carpet. Sold more than 100,000m2 in 6 months.
  • Become a member of Carpet Recycling UK.

2023 – Sustainability Drive 1.0

  • Pioneered MICE Carpet Recycling SG and have started recycling our carpet in Singapore.
    We believed that we are the first company in Singapore and the ASEAN Region to recycle our carpet.
  • Started Expoflor Upcycled to convert the pellets that we derived from recycling our carpet into useful items

2024 – Sustainability Drive 2.0

  • A full-time Sustainability Manager joined our team in January to drive our belief that greening up is the future.
  • Started production of useful items for MICE – Luggage Tags and Stools.
  • First Carpet Company in Singapore to achieve a Silver for MICE Sustainability Certification (MSC)
    MICE Sustainability Certification (MSC) is a certification developed by SACEOS, with support from the Singapore Tourism Board.
  • We provide Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Verified data by TUV SUD to customers in Q2
  • Will produce chairs to lease out to the organizers in Singapore in Q3
  • Will start collecting back the carpet that we sold to our customers in Q4.
  • By the end of 2024, 80% of our goods will be a sustainable product.

2025 – Sustainability Drive 3.0 

Exciting plans in the making


Waste and CO2 in our products & services that we provide to our customers. A preferred partner of REWIND event carpet in Singapore. A green carpet produced with 55% less CO2, is latex free and is 100% recyclable.

All our Expoflor REWIND carpet will come with this logo print at the back


Carpets that are used only for a few hours can be reused multiple times. They are often being brought back to our warehouse to clean and store, ready for the next project. It helps us to save cost and reduce carbon footprint.

Our Mega Tile (1m x 1m) project with Singapore Expo. We provide the carpet and the labour to install and de-install all these tiles.


The remnants are unused and are in pristine condition. However, as the length is too short to be reused and is unable to mix with another batch of carpet that is of the same colour. They are often disposed.

In our company, we have started to go green by cutting our carbon footprint in many ways. One of it is to repurpose these remnants, which extend the life of the material.

We have repurposed them into: Bags for our products, Decorations for interior and festivity, Door Mats

We have customised the classic black window pane and the 喜喜 for the wedding couple.

Die-cut Festive Wall Decoration

The remnants are in pristine condition and deemed to have been disposed.

By turning them into decorations, we divert remnant carpets from Singapore’s limited landfill.

The lunar new year festive decoration on the wall comes in standard design and dimension. We can customize it for you. Maximum size is 1.95 Diameter.

Repurposed Safe Distancing Tiles

These repurposed carpet tiles are easily replaceable and can be customised to different shapes.

Be it 100cm x 100cm tiles or 50cm x 50cm tiles, your office flooring will still retain its aesthetic.

We have repurposed obsolete carpet tile samples into safe distancing pictogram. We can customised your carpet tiles or other soft flooring for you.


We are recycling our carpet in Singapore and is upcycling them into useful items.

The chair in this picture is made from recycling our Expoflor REWIND carpet.


Refuse to use non-sustainable and non-recyclable carpet.

DESSO - Cradle to Cradle

We are passionate about creating products that have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing inside their homes and in the workplace and help create a shift towards a circular economy business model.

Desso EcoBase is 100% recyclable in our own production process and contains 75% positively defined recycled content from the drinking water industry. In 2015, the DESSO EcoBase backing achieved Cradle to Cradle® Gold level certification and Platinum level for material health.