Natural Sisal Carpet

Natural Sisal is harvested sustainably in farmland and they grow quickly. Hence, it is a natural product that is environmentally friendly and inherently fire resistant, making it an excellent choice for hospitality. It is also anti-static and sound absorbing.

Woven and dyed in many different patterns, makes it perfect choice for all interior spaces. It comes in a width of 4m and we are able to customize it into a rug.

Key Features

- Sisal is naturally resistant to fire and sparks, making it a good choice for hospitality.

- Carpet made of sisal is anti-static and sound-absorbing. The molecular structure is more dense and absorbs sound better than other types of carpet.

- Sisal carpeting is naturally stain-resistant (but not stain-proof) and does not require excessive care. 

Technical Specification

Manufacturing Method : Woven
Backing :
Total Weight :
Width :
Length :
Thickness :
Roll Diameter :
42cm ± 5%
Country of Origin :

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