Artificial Grass Carpet Singapore

Grass carpet is a type of flooring commonly used outdoor or as artificial grass for indoor gardening. This carpet is topped with a layer of 3D green shoots that resemble actual grasses only they are made of plastic. The bottom part on the other hand is made of either plastic or rubber and can be installed by glueing or loose lay to the floor’s surface. Grass carpets are commonly seen in theme parks and other tourist attractions but can also be applied to one’s lawn or even on a spot indoor where one built his/her indoor garden. Artificial turf or grass carpet in Singapore is well suited for landscaping in both interior and exterior spaces. With its versatile beauty, you can create a green space without the hassle of maintaining it. 

The Beauty of an Evergreen Lawn

We all want our lawn to be as green as it could be. Patches of brown ruin the beauty of our front yard and it can be quite frustrating to look at on an early Saturday morning. However, it has always been a reality that managing an evergreen lawn is not very easy, especially for people who are working most days of the week. Good thing we now have artificial grass carpet in Singapore. Imagine an ever-lasting lawn that you only need to wash, no trimming, no pulling of dead weeds, such a lifesaver, right? Our grass carpet will surely make your landscaping more fun and hassle-free. With it, you’ll have the luxury of looking at a relaxing, neat and evergreen ground all year round.

Why Choose our Grass Carpets

When maintaining a natural lawn is not feasible for your work schedule or household routine, artificial grass carpet is the best alternative. Our artificial grass carpet is made of quality, soft and durable plastic granules that will not harm your skin even while walking on it barefooted. It comes in a width of 2m and can be loosely laid as an outdoor rug. It is very easy to maintain and is washable so no need to worry should dust particles start to accumulate on the surface. For washing, you will only need to spray soapy water on top of the carpet, scrub the grasses and drain the soap with water. Since grass carpet is often placed outdoors, you may let the sun’s heat dry the grass carpet naturally. This will leave you with a hassle-free, low maintenance evergreen lawn.

Choosing the Ideal Grass Carpet in Singapore

There are some considerations to make when choosing the ideal grass carpet in Singapore to ensure that you will have the best fit for your lawn. Long blades provide a luscious, luxurious look by making the hair appear "fuller.", they might occasionally go flat in heavy traffic, so it all really depends on your unique needs. The weight of the grass carpet is another consideration. The turf is heavier as the quality improves. It's also simpler to plan and design your yard. You should also think about weather resistance. When exposed to extreme temperatures, you want a turf that will not melt and will keep its shape. You also don't want the colour to fade quickly due to prolonged sun exposure.

Pros and Cons of a Grass Carpet

Even during droughts or when you've been gone on vacation, artificial grass looks perfect every day of the year. Artificial grass is preferred by some dog owners as well because it prevents dogs from damaging the lawn and their mess can be easily cleaned from the surface of a grass carpet. Artificial grass may also be preferred by parents since it is less messy and allergy-free for children. Moreover, for natural grass to be healthy, mowing, watering, and possibly fertiliser and weed killer are needed. Artificial grass, on the other hand, requires relatively minimal upkeep. The only disadvantage of a grass carpet is that most people can tell it's not real grass because fake grass might appear too flawless and evergreen.

Best Places to Install Grass Carpet

When we think about grass carpet installation, we almost always think about soil as a substrate. However, grass carpet is never limited to lawns. Grass carpet is an excellent method to add colour and cosiness to your chilly, drab concrete surface. You will only need to make sure that the surface is clean and smooth before installing grass carpet on your patio, balcony, or swimming pool area. To protect your grass and surface from wear and tear, proper drainage is also necessary. Wood can also be used as a synthetic lawn substrate. It can be used to cover railings on balconies as well as wooden verandahs. Grass carpet can also be laid on slopes. Installation is comparable to placing artificial turf level, with a few extra anchoring locations at the top of the hill.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Grass Carpet

The cost of installing a grass carpet in Singapore depends on many factors. These factors must be summed up to know the actual cost you will have to spend to have that evergreen lawn. For one, the price of grass carpets may vary depending on the pile height, the brand and the thickness. You would want to go for the thicker ones for a long-lasting artificial lawn but then, you need to expect it to be quite expensive. The rates for installation service may also vary depending on the substrate you will place the grass carpet on. For this reason, it is always best to consult a flooring specialist first to learn the right grass carpet for your lawn, balcony or patio.

Grass Carpet Maintenance

With proper upkeep, grass carpet can last up to 15 years, but it's critical to select a high-quality carpet and install it correctly. Sweeping dead leaves and other debris from the lawn, washing the carpet with soap and water, and drying it is all part of basic grass carpet upkeep. It also helps to add sand to the grass carpet to extend its life. Silica sand placed beneath your grass carpet will help protect it from UV rays, allowing it to last longer. Acrylic sand, on the other hand, is very excellent at keeping microorganisms and unpleasant odours at bay. Digging a deeper soakaway to prevent pools of dirty water from forming on your garden's surface when it rains is also recommended.

Key Features

- Suitable for Residential, Multi-Used Field & Landscaping. 

-  Easy drainage, safe surfaces, and simple installation

Technical Specification

Manufacturing Method: Tufted
Pile Composition: 100% Polypropylene
Width: 2m
Length: 25m

Thickness: 7.0mm / 35mm (Pasture 147)

Weight: 800g/m2 / 2740g/m(Pasture 147)

Country of Origin: China

Frequently Asked Questions

Is carpet grass easy to maintain?

Yes! One of the best things about having a grass carpet is that it requires little to no maintenance. You can sweep off the dust or wash the carpet from time to time and the yarn will still be intact.

Can grass carpet get wet?

Yes. Grass carpets can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. They can be washed and it is not damaging to clean the surface with mild soap and water to remove the dust particles piling up on the surface. It can also be air dried under the sun after cleaning.

What is the price of carpet grass?

The price of a carpet grass may vary depending on the thickness of the artificial grass and the rug as well as the dimensions of the carpet. Contact us today for a free quotation!

Can you vacuum grass carpet?

Yes, you can. Use the brush gadget of the vacuum cleaner to do it.

How to lay grass carpet on cemented or homogenous floor?

There are three ways you can lay a grass carpet onto cemented floors or flat surfaces. The First is loose lay, by laying the carpet directly on the floor. The Second, is you can glue the carpet with flooring adhesive directly on the base of the floor. Just make sure that the surface is free of dust and debris that might stick on the adhesive. The Third is to lay a layer of drainage cell onto the floor and glue the grass carpet onto the drainage cell.

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