Flormat Coil Japan

Perfect for wet and dry weather, entrances, and corridors at department stores, restaurants, hospitals and other high-traffic areas, and in areas around bathing areas and pools.

Key Features

1. Antibacterial

To help ensure sanitary conditions in moist areas prone to bacterial growth. The mat is impregnated with special antibacterial, anti-mold, and anti-algae agents.

2. Resilient

The unique spiral design makes for excellent cushioning and impact-absorbing properties.

3. Dampens Sound

Along with cushioning, the mat absorbs noise and impacts, making a big contribution to sound damping.

4. Passes Moisture

This mat features excellent moisture-passing properties, so it retains little moisture.

5. Collects Dirt

Soil and grime from shoe soles is retained in the mat, which keeps it from being carried elsewhere.

6. Passes Air and Holds Heat

The unique spiral design has an air layer that helps retain heat.

Technical Specification

Material: 100% Vinyl

Thickness: 11mm

Size: 4' x 40'

Colour: Black, Grey, Brown, Blue, Green, & Red


  • 2 years against colour fade
  • 1 year against manufacturer's defects

Special Feature: Anti-Bacterial , Anti-mold & Anti-algae agents

Safety Feature:

  • Fire Retardant under Japan
  • Fire Retardant Association

Aluminium Entrance Mat

Aluminium entrance mat is a high quality product made from a combination of aluminium alloy extrusion, hard-wearing resilient carpet and durable vinyl.

As dirt can be destructive to interior floor finishes and moisture can compromise safety to human traffic, this mat can effectively removes most foot borne dirt and moisture, especially during rainy season, before they have a chance to enter the building.

Entrance mat innovative design, integrating with quality and functional details, enhance its durability to function at optimum capacity. It gives a prestige and elegance touch that compliment the building with distinctive impression.

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