DESSO is a world leader in innovative commercial & hospitality flooring. We provide for multiple market segments: offices, schools, retails, hospitality and leisure, residential and sports, marine and aviation.

DESSO offers an extensive range of commercial flooring products and is constantly adding on new designs, drawing inspirations from the environment and collaborating with architects and designers to co-create innovative, and stunning carpet designs.


Natural Sisal is harvested sustainably in farmland and they grow quickly. Hence, it is a natural product that is environmentally friendly and inherently fire resistant, making it an excellent choice for hospitality. It is also anti-static and sound absorbing.


Artificial turf or grass carpet is well suited for landscaping in both interior and exterior space. Create a green space without the hassle of maintaining it.


High quality European tufted carpet and we have an incredible selection of more than 500 colours and quality for all purposes. Look no where else. You will definitely find what you are looking for, right here.


SHOW Floor is the perfect choice for premium dance and performance venue. It has just the right combination of slide and grip, that powers great performance.


Entrance mats welcome you and your guests into your business and also making sure dirt and debris stay at the door. They keep your floors and carpets cleaner.

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