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As Singaporeans gradually return back to their physical office spaces, many managers and bosses are considering giving their office space a new look and feel to welcome in the new year. This includes new carpeting options for their office floor, which includes both broadloom carpets in Singapore as well as carpet tiles. Read on to find out the strengths of both types of carpets, and which one works best for your office.

Comparing Broadloom Carpets & Carpet Tiles

Broadloom carpets, also known as wall to wall carpets, get their name from the wider size of the looms of which they were historically hand woven from. They are sold in large rolls that are of a standard width, and come in a variety of styles such as loop, pattern, texture, and frieze. Many also offer stain resistance and additional underlay material, making them soft and comfortable to tread upon.

Loop carpets feature uncut fibres in the shape of short loops woven into the back of the carpet, making them great for high traffic environments due to its durability and ease of cleaning. Patterned broadloom carpets in Singapore are usually cut and loop styled, which means that some fibres are uncut while others are tufted. This helps to create patterns in the carpet, providing an additional aesthetic to them.

Textured broadloom carpets in Singapore are made from various types of piles, which allow you to choose between softer and smoother carpets or loop styled carpets which offer easier cleaning. Lastly, frieze carpets are made out of twisted fibres, making them the most durable option amongst the various types of broadloom carpets.

Carpet tiles in Singapore, also known as modular carpets, are small sized carpets that are incredibly versatile. While they traditionally come in square shapes, there are many other shapes and sizes as well, ranging from rectangular and hexagonal designs to waves and other patterns. They are made from a variety of materials such as nylon, polyester, acrylics, and cotton, amongst others. Carpet tiles are a popular way to help spaces come alive, and can be easily removed and replaced should you decide to change the office style once again.


Broadloom carpets in Singapore are highly durable, making them well suited to withstanding the constant movement in corporate offices and the waiting areas of foyers and suite interiors. Due to their large size, they also allow for the reduction of seams when installing them, helping your space look larger and more spacious. In addition, they provide a luxuriant and classy feel, helping to bring about an elegant aesthetic to your space.

Do note that broadloom carpets in Singapore will require the help of professionals to be installed, as well as extensive pre-planning of how your interior space will be carpeted. To fully carpet your office interior, broadloom carpets can be cut to a certain size and finished along the edges, preventing fraying and helping to prolong their longevity.

Carpet tiles in Singapore offer a greater variety of designs and styles, as well as being much quicker and cheaper to install. Combined with their smaller sizes, carpet tiles work best for smaller SME offices and startups spaces, allowing them to express their avant-garde styles through unique patterns, colours, and designs. They allow for a natural segmentation of various areas in an office, such as brighter colours and unique tile shapes for a creative space, and a more earthy square pattern to welcome guests at the reception.

In addition, carpet tiles in Singapore are pre-backed, removing the need for underlays. This allows for much easier office maintenance, simply requiring technicians to lift up individual carpet tiles to access the floor instead of removing the entire roll. Just like broadloom carpets, carpet tiles’ layered structure also offers safety and sound-proofing, making them a solid and reliable alternative. With specific colours and pattern arrangements, carpet tiles can also be used to help in safe management, ensuring that your office complies with governmental safe distancing regulations and keeping employees safe.

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