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As Singapore gradually eases into the new normal, larger groups are allowed to gather for bigger communal activities, such as religious worship and weddings. With exhibitions and events being next in line, it is important for organisers to plan ahead and ensure the health of visitors and staff.


There are many existing measures in place, ranging from SafeEntry QR scans, taking visitors’ temperatures, enforcing and facilitating safe distancing, as well as limiting the number of visitors at once. Yet, these measures only maintain the status quo, instead of taking a proactive stance to fight off harmful microorganisms. Read on to learn more about how antimicrobial carpets in events and exhibitions in Singapore facilitate a safer and germ-free space for your needs.


Halting Germs with Antimicrobial Carpets


Ensuring safety and health of visitors and staff doesn’t just stop at directing human traffic, but also through preventing the spread of harmful microorganisms through antimicrobial exhibition carpets. What sets them apart from regular carpets treated with disinfectants is that their antimicrobial coatings are far more durable and do not need to be constantly reapplied, lasting up to 30 days from coating before requiring reapplying, as compared to a mere 24 hours for disinfectants.


To better understand this, here’s a demonstration of a side-by-side efficacy test of EXPOflor’s antimicrobial carpet, against an untreated carpet surface.



As seen in the video, a wet swab is taken from both a regular carpet surface and that of EXPOflor’s carpets with the antimicrobial coating. Then, the swab shaken before being inserted into a tester, which reflects a significant difference in Relative Light Units, or RLUs.


RLUs measure an increase in light, and are directly proportional to the amount of ATP molecules present on a surface. In turn, ATP is a molecule that is produced in biological organisms. Linking back to the video, the untreated surface had 1188 RLUs, which was significantly more than the 203 RLUs on the antimicrobial coating. This is a clear example showing that the coating has significantly reduced the growth of microorganisms on the carpet surface, making it an ideal choice for event carpets in Singapore.


A Durable And Safer Choice


How do antimicrobial coatings prevent biological growth? They are hydrophobic and air-curable, discouraging the growth and proliferation of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Some coatings utilise silver ions to disrupt bacterial membranes and thereby prevent bacteria from spreading.


Antimicrobial carpets, such as EXPOflor, have been tested extensively in laboratory conditions, achieving up to 99.9% anti-viral and anti-bacterial efficiency against many common antigens, such as EV-A71(HFMD), H1N1 & Murine coronavirus strains, as well as E.Coli, K.pneumonia, and MRSA bacteria – perfect for your event carpet needs in Singapore.


In addition, antimicrobial carpets are incredibly durable, being washable for an estimated 10,000 cycles, making for extreme longevity. They are also easy to clean and repel stains, reducing mess and improving ease of upkeep. It is a good idea to purchase from a reputable exhibition carpet supplier in Singapore, as well as have a regular routine of reapplying the coating every month to ensure the utmost in safety.


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