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With the rise of safe distancing, people have switched from crowded outdoors gyms to exercising in the safety and comfort of their own homes. The rising popularity of Youtube workouts via Zoom during the first half of 2020 has spiked much interest in starting home gyms – with good reason. From staying fit to saving costs, learn more about the various benefits of exercising from home, as well as how sports floors help to facilitate your overall exercise experience.


Contrary to popular belief, home gyms don’t have to put a dent in your wallet. Investing in a good set of weights and mats is more than enough for a good workout, and with free video conferencing apps such as Zoom, exercising has never been more convenient with friends as well, reducing stress and improving fitness.

On top of that, one does not have to visit the gym at certain hours, fighting crowds and spending on both travel time and gym memberships. Instead, one can squeeze in a quick workout before work, during lunch hours, or right after work ends.

Besides weights and equipment, a good sports floor mat goes a long way to improving overall convenience. They also are easy to install, and make cleaning and maintenance a much easier affair.


Sports floors provide much needed comfort for a variety of exercises, such as for core workouts like planks, or doing various body-weight exercises. For people who are just starting to get back into shape, these exercises can exert undue strain on the muscles, leading to poorer quality of life across the rest of the day.

In contrast to thin exercise mats or hard wooden floors, sports floors cushion your weight and distribute it effectively, allowing you to reduce fatigue on your body, experience less aching, and have a more enjoyable experience.


Sports floors contain sturdy elastic layers that feature outstanding rebound properties, along with impeccable impact absorption, such as when one is doing HIIT workouts and lower body exercises. While many people think sports flooring is sufficient for outdoors gyms and exercise venues, they provide faster recovery, especially for people who have an intense home workout regime.

Studies have shown that effective sports flooring, along with good footwear, improves the absorption of high-intensity jumping and cardio activities, which is ideal for athletes seeking to push their fitness and bounce back faster.


In the heat of the moment, or due to excessive perspiration, we may sometimes lose our balance while engaging in tricky or vigorous exercises. As people exercise indoors, doctors are seeing a notable increase in exercise-related injuries, due to both inadequate experience and a lack of proper flooring.

Sports flooring options, such as mats for home gyms, play an invaluable role in preventing slips and injuries. Made from a combination of high quality rubber and seamless polyurethane, sports mats are tested in laboratory conditions to ensure optimal quality and long-lasting endurance. This is essential for older family members, who often require a longer period for recovery upon injury.


With durable and high-quality sports floors, one can be reassured that one can exercise in safety and comfort.

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