Desso Marine - Axminster

We are proud to introduce the luxurious DESSO® Axminster collection. This premium quality Axminster carpet is available directly from stock in four intriguing patterns and colour combinations. Perfect for interior design projects that run on a tight schedule.

Premium Axminster quality
Our luxurious DESSO Axminster carpets are produced with the finest wools, blended in-house from the most elegant and durable kinds of wool from all over the world. Our Axminster weaving technology is known for its outstanding beauty as well as the capability of rendering complex, crispy clear patterns, whilst providing long-term durability.

DESSO Axminster carpets are used in public spaces, corridors, cabins and bedrooms to create a luxurious look and feel, as well as contributing to an outstanding atmosphere.

Key Features

- Easily mix & match
- Wall-to-wall & skirtings
- Comfortable feeling
- Long term durability
- Full compliance with IMO part 2 & 5 marine standards

Technical Specification

Type of manufacture: Premium Axminster quality DEC B 080 070
Primary backing:
Polypropylene weft / Polyester-based warp/cut pile
Pile fibre composition:
80% wool - 20% polyamide
Total thickness:
9.0 mm
Effective pile thickness:
7.0 mm
Total length:
Broadloom (400 cm / 13.1 ft)
Classification of use:
33 Commercial - heavy use

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