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Playtime is a cornerstone of growing up as a child, and our children deserve to have the freedom and creativity to explore and play. Particularly in this period where children are encouraged to stay indoors for their safety, artificial grass carpets are a popular choice to create an environment for children to play and thrive. Read on to find out more on how artificial grass carpets in Singapore help to facilitate play in young children.

It encourages children’s imagination.

With their vibrant colours and soft texture, high quality artificial grass carpets in Singapore are great for stimulating children’s imaginations.They also come in a wide variety of colours, allowing them to be used to simulate various environments both indoors and outdoors, ranging from sandy beaches to a lush forest or a farm setting. They can also be used to set up areas for sports, such as mini-golf or other ball games.

Artificial grass carpets are perfect for both daycare teachers as well as parents to set up play areas for young children. Adults can use this opportunity to play and bond with young ones, bringing them on an ‘outdoors’ adventure and introducing them to nature, all while remaining indoors in comfort – with ideas such as camping in the wild or exploring an uncharted island.

It lets children play in safety.

None of us want to see our children fall sick or get injured, and artificial grass carpets in Singapore are perfectly suited to safeguarding them. They are made out of sturdy materials that can withstand the constant wear-and-tear that young children often engage in. In addition, these carpets also feature anti-slip designs, allowing children to run, crawl, and jump around without fear of getting injuries.

In addition, high quality grass carpets require little maintenance, and can be washed and air-dried easily. They also utilise anti-microbial materials in their construction, which is particularly valuable for concerned parents, who may worry about their young ones picking up germs from other children at daycares or preschools. These carpets also act as an alternative to traditional grass, which is a much safer option given that children love to run about barefoot. Regular grass contains germs in the soil, which can lead to various illnesses when children play about without maintaining general hygiene.

It provides a comforting environment.

According to colour studies, green is associated with various positive attributes, such as balance, renewal, growth, and harmony. This makes artificial grass carpets in Singapore a great choice for setting up a safe space for young ones, particularly for those who are more on the shy side.

By setting up a comforting and nurturing environment with help from high quality carpets, children learn to associate it with a safe space to explore new things, interact with their fellow peers, as well as engage in new activities; all while knowing they have a secure place to return to after their activities, or if they ever feel overwhelmed. Parents and educators can tap into this to help children come out of their shell, instilling social skills that will be invaluable as they grow older in life.

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