Meet Your Commercial Carpet & Vinyl Flooring Supplier



The Mill International Pte Ltd was established as a carpet and vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore on 28 February 1998. With a humble beginning, the company started as a small office with only the founding members and no employees. The founding members handled every business and operation matter from sales and marketing to procurement, delivery, installation and invoicing themselves. The company has grown to be a company of 46 staff strengths and occupying a total space of 14,000 square feet.

COVID-19 has ravaged Singapore’s MICE industry and caused many businesses to shut down. As a carpet and vinyl supplier, our business has also been adversely impacted. Going forward, our ever-changing business environment will become even more volatile and uncertain. There is an imperative need for us to restructure our business to adapt to a new normal.


Restructured Business

The Mill is in the business as a carpet and vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore of providing innovative flooring solutions in a sustainable way for 2 market segments with a comprehensive range of products and services.

Commercial & Hospitality

2  Services

  1. Customisation - Custom Printing of Carpet, Vinyl and Rugs, Binding of Carpet
  2. Installation of Carpet, Vinyl Entrance Mat and Levelling

Exhibition & Event

3  Products

Basics, REV, Velours, Grass, SHOW, PVC Glitter, Cut Pile, Weddingflor

Voile, Blackout, Netting, Stretch

Print, Cut, Light

2  Services

  1. Customisation - Custom Printing of Carpet, Vinyl and Rugs
  2. Rental of Carpet, Vinyl and Queue Poles


Shared Values

Accountability - We take responsibility for all our works. We are committed to follow up and follow through with every task until its completion, regardless of its importance and size.

Professionalism - We deliver the best possible outcome in what we do. We are always ready to learn and upskill; recognise our weaknesses and strive to do better the next time.

Collaboration - As a trusted vinyl flooring supplier, we are always ready to listen and to work with others. We embrace creativity and diversity and collaborate with others to achieve our common goals.

Honesty & Integrity - We are honest and respectful to our colleagues and customers. We deliver what we promise and we help our customers make informed decisions. 

Responsiveness - We are committed to responding swiftly to all stakeholders. We remain accessible and seek to communicate accurately and timely.

Customer Experience - We provide our customers with a good experience in all their dealings with us. As a carpet and vinyl flooring supplier, we strive to make it easy, pleasant and convenient for customers by following 3 guiding principles in all our processes: Simple workable solution; address customer’s needs directly, and consistent delivery of professional services till completion of work.



To be the market leader in providing innovative flooring solutions in a sustainable way for the exhibition, event, commercial & hospitality in Singapore & ASEAN.



Capability building to be a digital first organisation and to develop our people, products and services

Sustainable Flooring with 4R’s Model –Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose & Recycle.

Enlarge our territory digitally in ASEAN countries through network of partners & offices in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.