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While purchasing high-quality carpets for your office space is essential in providing comfort and elegant aesthetics, taking proper care of them is key to ensuring that they last through the years to continually benefit you and your employees. Here are 4 tips to extend the lifespan of your office carpets and carpet tiles in Singapore.

1. Arrange for regular vacuuming.

Accumulated dirt and debris can make your office carpets look dull and unsightly, reducing their lifespan as well as leaving a weaker impression on visitors. Arranging for regular vacuuming swiftly removes dirt and grime on your carpets, preventing them from damaging carpet fibres while prolonging their lifespan, particularly for those in high-traffic areas. In addition, it also prevents the buildup of allergens which can trigger asthma or sinus symptoms in your employees, promoting their health and comfort.

When vacuuming carpets, it helps to adopt a criss-cross pattern, so as to achieve optimal coverage of the area and ensure that carpets are thoroughly cleaned. For areas with heavy usage, it also helps to vacuum multiple times over the same area. You may also choose to utilise cleaning supplies or natural cleansers such as vinegar and warm water, as well as shampooing and steam cleaning to complement your vacuuming routine.

2. Immediately clean up spills.

Spilling of beverages and other liquids is an inevitable affair in any office. It is important to immediately clean it up before it soaks into and stains your office carpets or carpet tiles, making them less aesthetic and visually appealing and damaging the underlying fabric. Do use a dry towel to blot wet spills, while dry spills should be promptly vacuumed before grease or oil causes damage to carpet fabric. In the case of stubborn stains that refuse to come off, do arrange for a commercial carpet cleaning service to provide heavy-duty carpet cleaning.

3. Have deep cleaning at least twice a year.

While regular cleaning helps maintain a base level of cleanliness of your office carpets and carpet tiles, a deep cleaning provided by a professional cleaning service is essential in not only removing dirt and stains to prolong your carpets’ lifespan, but also eliminating foul odours, dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. In our current COVID-19 climate, businesses should spare no expense in providing a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, which in turn facilitates their continued health and improved productivity.

Depending on the budget and nature of your industry, you may opt for more regular maintenance. For example, businesses in the F&B or hospitality industry will carry out more frequent deep cleaning, while businesses with reduced footfall due to increased remote work may simply arrange for a deep cleaning twice a year. You may also choose to have more frequent cleaning for high-traffic areas, such as once every quarter for reception and pantry areas for offices. 

4. Understand your choice of carpet.

Your choice of carpet affects the frequency and nature of maintenance needed to extend their lifespan. The two most common choices for Singapore offices are between broadloom carpets and carpet tiles, each with their own strengths. Generally, carpet tiles are easier to clean and replace, with the option to remove individual tiles that may be severely stained or worn out and replace them with new ones. On the other hand, broadloom carpets offer greater sophistication and cushioning under foot, making them the optimal choice for posh office interiors. 

Carpet suppliers in Singapore, such as The Mill International, offer a wide range of office carpet and carpet tile options to suit a variety of office interiors. We also offer custom carpet printing and binding services, along with carpet installation for a fuss-free experience.

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