4 Advantages Of Grass Carpets For Football Fields

Any football fan will agree that player performance depends largely on the quality of the turf. A football pitch is as much a part of the match as the players, the ball and the goalposts. But in certain parts of the world, high-quality natural grass pitches could be a challenge due to climate conditions or resources. For this reason, artificial grass carpets that replicate the playing qualities of superior natural grass have quickly gained acceptance within the world of football. 

With World Cup 2022 in Qatar fast approaching, you might be wondering about the advantages that come with using grass carpets in the widely loved game of football. The Mill is a leading supplier of commercial flooring in Singapore, and we take a look into why grass carpets are chosen for stadiums and football fields across the globe. 

FIFA Quality Programme

The FIFA Quality Programme is what sets internationally recognised industry standards for products, technologies and match documentation for sporting goods manufacturers. They have a direct impact on football and were devised to improve the game and protect players, clubs and associations through strict quality standards. The global governing body’s conviction that football benefits greatly from artificial turf is demonstrated through the FIFA Quality Programme. That said, only artificial turf pitches that pass the rigorous tests of the FIFA Quality Programme both in the laboratory and on the pitch are awarded a FIFA Quality Label.

The FIFA Quality Label therefore guarantees that the recommended systems have met high requirements in terms of playing characteristics, safety, durability and quality assurance. 

Low maintenance

Natural grass is difficult to maintain because of its many maintenance tasks such as replanting, mowing, watering, fertilising, weed removal, and pest control. Grass carpets on the other hand, do not share these qualities – all that’s required is to brush the turf once a week with the aim of keeping the grass upright as well as the removal of litter. This makes natural grass a more expensive option compared to its artificial counterpart in the long run. 


Weatherproof grass carpet Singapore

Unlike natural grass fields, grass carpets are immune from turning muddy on rainy days. In addition, grass carpets don’t come with the traditional requirements for upkeep such as sunlight and watering. These features make grass carpets immune to climate changes such as a lack of rain or drying during cold winters.

Reliable playing surface

Reliable playing surface grass carpet Singapore

A natural football field often suffers greatly from heavy foot traffic. With cleats grinding into the dirt during practice and matches, having ruts and bumps appearing on the surface is inevitable. Grass carpets on the other hand, are a game changer that omits the need for patching up holes and keeping the field flat.

Grass carpets ensure perfect playing conditions for many years to come. Furthermore, it doesn’t require a recovery period in between matches. Many subsequent games can be hosted, and the field will still be in great condition even after the last one of the season.

Keeps players safe

Payers are less likely to trip or fall with a perfectly flat football pitch beneath their feet that doesn’t get slippery when it rains. Passing, tackling and scoring in the heat of a football match also takes a heavy toll on the body, especially the knees; Grass carpets cut down on injuries that keep players off the field, helping to absorb shocks and reduce impact.

We hope this article has provided some insight into the reasons for the increasing popularity of grass carpets. Grass carpets come closest to the feeling of being on natural grass on top of having a natural appearance. Here at The Mill International, we carry an extensive range of carpet flooring ranging from office carpets to grass carpets. Reach out to our dedicated team to find the best flooring solutions for your needs.